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projects icon Lo and Behold, 64 Pixels are Enough

I was enamoured with Alex Weber’s 64 Pixels project from the moment I saw it. When I happened across it (via Make:blog, I think), I was just starting the design process for my new satchel. I was thinking about making something similar, but no coherent vision had actually formed in my mind. Once I saw 64 Pixels, I knew it had, nay, must be affixed to my new bag.

projects icon Homemade Plastic

Here’s a quick and easy method for making some simple plastic (ruidmentary casein) in the convenience of your own home, and all for less than ten dollars.

A lump of plastic

projects icon Quick, Temporary, and Cheap LED Diffuser

This is so easy and obvious, it’s probably not even worth mentioning.

Straws, baby